Risks are the threats and opportunities you face on a day to day basis. Business success comes from keeping close to your risks - and that's where Proximity comes in!


Proximity was founded by Anthony Wilson in late 2016. After a successful corporate career covering a variety of senior roles, Anthony saw the opportunity to bring organisations a fresh view on how risk management can be a real business accelerator and a point of competitive advantage. His passion for Risk Management and Proximity's agility means we are able to respond to your risk needs in a timeframe that suits you.


So what drives us? An unwavering belief that an effective risk management program is a game changer for improving organisational performance. We don't try to paint good risk management as a panacea to all an organisation's ills, but rather a key element of a business leader's toolkit. Unless organisations can clearly articulate their objectives and identify the threats and opportunities to achieving them, then performance is likely to be mediocre at best.


Proximity Risk & Assurance's purpose is to understand & assist with your risk challenges such as:

  • your current and desired risk maturity

  • developing a practical and commercially sensible risk management program 

  • training and development for business teams in risk management activities

  • coordinating assurance activities for targeted risk framework and controls assessment  

Anthony Wilson
Founder and Chief Advisor

Anthony has over 30 years experience in senior corporate roles and has worked extensively with Boards, Senior Executives, Divisional Leadership teams, and their advisors. He is passionate about giving organisations the opportunity to be their best by adopting risk management practices that are 'fit for purpose' and in line with the current business maturity. 

Working in senior risk and assurance roles for Australia's largest retailer, including as General Manager - Risk and Safety and Chief Audit Executive, Anthony developed an appetite to become a thought leader in Risk & Assurance to assist organisations maximise the return on their risk investment - delivering benefits like improved and informed decision making, reduced uncertainty, and increased resilience.

He holds a Masters degree in Management (MGSM) and a Masters in Risk Management (UNSW) and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors as well as a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors. He was also on the founding Committee of the Risk & Insurance Management Society (RIMS) Australasia and is a current RIMS member. 

Anthony is also a published author, releasing his book 'The Uncertainty Effect - An Introduction to Risk Management' in September 2019


Anthony is a non-executive Director of an industry Credit Union and Chair of its Board Governance and Remuneration Committee.





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