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Working with experienced  partners is a key feature of the Proximity offering.

We are pleased to work closely with Dr Paul Guignard of the Capability Institute in assisting organisations improve the capability of individuals, teams and the organisation itself to deal with change, innovation, transformation and execution. 

This need is often identified as a result of our preliminary analysis of the maturity and culture of risk management in an organisation.

ABM Risk Partnership

Anthony has also joined forces with Brett Palmer and Tony Anderson to form ABM Risk Partnership.

ABM Risk Partnership brings together two of Australia’s most highly-credentialed Heads of Risk and Assurance and an internationally experienced Capability expert to deliver you an unmatched level of experience and expertise.


We have led the development of Risk and Assurance and Capability in Government, not for profit, and at some of Australia’s largest and most innovative companies, including APA Group, Caltex, Elders, Harvey Norman, Optus and Woolworths.

ABM Risk Partnership has the runs on the board to help organisations large and small achieve the benefits that a mature risk management culture brings.

Our experience is your opportunity!

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