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It's here at last! Copies of my book now available.

It has been a long wait but at last the physical copies of my new book have arrived! I'm very excited to be able to release the book via my website, and wish to say a big thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the book online - your copies should be with you very soon.

The book has been designed to inform non-risk professionals about the risk management profession and how they can be a part of this very important activity for all organisations. It takes the reader through the key steps of the risk management process and helps explain some of the terms associated with risk management.

Designed to be easy to read yet informative on the basics of risk management, I hope the book in some small way contribuites to a broader understanding of risk at the front line of many organisations.

I also run training programs for organisations to better inform their teams about how they can engage with and benefit from, a robust risk management program.

Please contact me via or order copies of the book at

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