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Anthony has also joined forces with Brett Palmer and Tony Anderson to form ABM Risk Partnership.

ABM Risk Partnership brings together two of Australia’s most highly-credentialed Heads of Risk and Assurance and an internationally experienced Capability expert to deliver you an unmatched level of experience and expertise.


We have led the development of Risk and Assurance and Capability in Government, not for profit, and at some of Australia’s largest and most innovative companies, including APA Group, Caltex, Elders, Harvey Norman, Optus and Woolworths.

ABM Risk Partnership has the runs on the board to help organisations large and small achieve the benefits that a mature risk management culture brings.

From risk comes opportunity!


How can we help?

Are you comfortable that you've mastered the risk basics?

"We aren't getting the best out of people at the front line when it comes to risk management - how do we engage them?"

Have you found that your organisation's risk efforts have stalled?

"We want to understand if we are on the right track to reach our desired risk maturity level."

We have a peculiar challenge - what are the services you offer?

"I'd like to know about your service offerings. Can you tailor your work to fit my needs - i.e. offer a bespoke solution?"




At Proximity, we believe that equipping your first line of defence, the business operations teams, with basic risk management  knowledge is key to risk management mastery.

Most importantly, we seek to understand the business problem you are trying to solve and give you honest feedback on how we can help.

We can also advise on your assurance needs - and how the assurance program can reinforce the effectiveness of risk management.

Training teams, facilitating executive risk workshops, or formulating a risk framework customised for the business, it's all part of the Proximity capability.


At Proximity, our clients are a mix of medium to large enterprises. They may not have a dedicated risk function and are looking for help in establishing their risk program.


Some clients have a risk team but are seeking a 'fresh' look at their program. 

Our Clients have included the NSW State Government, the petroleum sector, retail, financial services and manufacturing.

No matter what your risk needs, Proximity is ready to assist in the first, or subsequent step in the risk management journey.

Contact us for an obligation free discussion on how we can help you.



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